Plan your internet marketing strategy

Internet Marketing is an essential part of your online success strategy for revenue generation and brand building.

Wildfire Internet provides the right tools and expertise you need to analyse your marketplace then to create and implement your internet marketing plan

Creating the right balance between paid search and organic search is critical to the rate at which you will generate revenues. For budgeting purposes, a simple rule of thumb is to calculate your internet marketing budget at between 5% - 10% of your expected revenue. We advise on the best blend of marketing to achieve your goals.

Clearly you will want to see results and an increasing level of return. In terms of timescales, the length of time it will take to achieve your goals will depend on the level and blend of marketing investment you make, the strength of the competition you are up against and the demand and uniqueness of your service or products.


Analyse Your Competition With Wildfire's SEO Tools

Internet Marketing Competitor Analysis

Measure Your Results & Return On Investment (ROI)

Measuring Your ROI

Continuously monitoring and tracking how traffic reaches your site and converts into a goal, such as taking an order, ensures you are maximising your marketing spend.

Optimising your content, products and pricing is also a fundamental part of your marketing program. It is important that you experiment with different marketing messages and layouts and measure which approaches drive the best result.

Keeping in touch with your prospects and customers via email marketing, providing coupons or discounts and keeping them up to date with news and information relevant to them will help drive repeat sales. 

Using our specialist SEO tools, you are able to see exactly how well your website rates in terms of it's on-page and off-page scores, plus you will get a valuable insight into how your competitors manage to outrank you.

On-page relates to how well structured your site is for search engines (also called Search Engine Optimisation). Off-page means how popular your site is across the web, for example how many people link to your site from other places on the web including Facebook and Twitter.

Armed with this knowledge and our SEO marketing recommendations, you will be able to put in place a strategy to take on and beat your competitors and improve your conversion rates along the way.