BlogLook, New Features: Story Curator, Sage Invoice Integration & Customisable Order Status

Look, New Features: Story Curator, Sage Invoice Integration & Customisable Order Status

Added 3 years, 1 month ago.

Create Your Own Stories: New "Curator" Feature

Creating great new stories and content just got easier with the new "Curator" enhancement to the blog system. This allows you to create a story by pulling 3rd party news stories, videos, tweets from other sites and wrapping your own editorial comments around them, as well as allowing people to comment via the Disqus commenting system used by big newspaper sites like the Telegraph.

In effect, you can quickly and easily create your own content-rich newspaper or magazine with minimal writing on your part. Combine this with the Guest Blogging enhancements we introduced already and build your own community contributing valuable content to your site - great for engagement and SEO! 

This enhancement is best-suited for content-powered sites or ecommerce sites with a special-interest community.

Read full details on how to implement - click here. Charges apply only if you want us to implement or train on this feature, otherwise it's totally free to use.

Sage Invoice Integration

Send order information from your system to Sage 50 or Sage Instant to create invoices on-the-fly using the Tradebox integration service and eliminate duplicate keying.

Click here for full details on setting this feature up. Charges apply to Tradebox and set up.

Customisable Order Status

This feature allows you to set up extra steps relevant to your own particular order flow. 

Click here to read how you set this up.

Future Enhancements

You can view upcoming enhancements we are getting ready for release by visiting our Releases page click here