BlogNew Features In 3.8: Multi Ad Generator, Embed Pages In Products & More

New Features In 3.8: Multi Ad Generator, Embed Pages In Products & More

New Features In 3.8: Multi Ad Generator, Embed Pages In Products & More

This release contains a large number of new enhancements, especially for ecommerce sites. If you do not wish to use any of these new features then continue to use your site as normal, you only need to make changes if you use features which require extra set up explained in the release notes.


Multi Ad Generator Increases PLA Exposure For Generic Products

This feature allows you to create multiple Product Listing Ads (PLA's used in Google Adwords) for a generic product using it's category, manufacturer, options and attributes to create unique variations of that product. By having many more descriptive PLA's you will increase your reach in Google Shopping and potentially your conversion rate as the listing is more relevant to the user's search term. Sellers who already submit feeds which require specific attributes (such as clothing for example) will have their settings migrated to the Multi Ad Generator system automatically.


Save Time By Embedding Common Content Into Product Pages

Instead of typing the same content over and over again on each product page it relates to, you can now simply embed a content page into a product page, using it as a template in effect. Useful for things like wash instructions, fire hazards, handling instructions etc


Save Time By Being Able To Create Tags Whilst Editing A Product

A little time-saving change allowing you to click and create new product tags whilst you are editing a product rather than having to go to another screen.


Wish List Report

This report lets you see what products have been added to wish lists by your visitors, sorted by most popular first.


Set Special Offer Dates

This allows you to set dates for your special offers to run automatically. 


Change Quantity On Checkout

This allows customers to add / reduce quantities on the shopping cart modal window and checkout page by changing the quantity field and clicking update.


Custom Invoice Template

You can now set up a much more customisable invoice template. 


Product Back In Stock Alerts

If a product is out of stock, this allows buyers to sign up on the product page to receive an alert when a product comes back into stock.


Checkout Buying Rules

You can now set up custom buying rules which are applied at Checkout to prevent customers from proceeding if they match the buying rule. For example, if you sell flammable products which can only be shipped by ground (i.e. only to countries or regions accessible by lorry), you can set up a rule to apply this restriction based on delivery regions. 


Display Terms & Conditions Tick Box On Checkout

You can now display a Terms & Conditions tick box during the checkout process which buyers have to tick before proceeding. 


Usability Improvements:

"All Categories" can now be changed via Set Site Definitions > ALL_CATEGORIES_TITLE


Batch Products Processor "copy" function now lists up to 50 products that have been copied upon completion. This makes it easier to click on them and continue any editing you need to do. Tip: Right mouse click and open them in a new window so you can keep the list on screen.


The Customer's ID is now displayed in the View User Profile button in Order Manager to save having to click through to the next screen to get it.


The Order Total Weight is now displayed under the Order Qty in Order Manager to assist with despatching.


The shipping tracking number can now be displayed in your order update emails by adding the tag {order:fob} into the "Email Order Update" System Page. This allows the buyer to track their delivery via the shipping agent's website.


After you have added a product, it more clearly gives you a link to edit the product you just created.


You can now upload multiple product images at the same time by selecting as many as you need from your computer. A more prominent message is displayed if it finds a file over the 250k limit.


List all pages in Page Manager by scrolling to the bottom and toggling between Show All Pages / Show Limited Pages. This helps to more quickly find pages which hang off top level pages 


Sort form responses by Unread First / Newest First / Oldest First to help find responses more easily.


Product filter tags are now sorted alphabetically


Click here for full details about this release plus setup instructions

Release date: 6th January 2015. Release version: 3.8.0

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