Digital Marketing

Review and improvement of your existing digital marketing campaigns, SEO and product data quality. 

Digital Marketing Campaign Analysis

With such large advertising budgets often in place, especially with Google Ads, this service looks from top-to-bottom at the effectiveness and profitability of your spend across different channels as well as measuring brand outreach. It covers a range of metrics including:

  • Search market analysis
  • Brand reach across all channels
  • Overall website visitors and interactions
  • Channel revenue analysis
  • Distorting factors that affect revenues and attribution which are often overlooked
  • Order analysis
  • Conversion analysis
  • Data shortfalls and sources of augmentation
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV);
  • KPI reporting*.

*This normally leads to the development of a new monthly KPI report with a summary for MDs and management teams containing actionable recommendations that are regularly followed up. 

> Digital Marketing Analysis 

Book an analysis of your overall online marketing. Requires access to Google Analytics. Prices available on application. 

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Organic Consultancy

SEO and organic traffic continues to play a key role in your marketing, arguably becoming even more important with the drive by Google towards more and more paid services. We help boost your natural listings by:

  • Analysing issues with technical elements on your pages and the use of structured data;
  • Scanning for HTTPS and mixed content issues;
  • Analysing your product data quality;
  • Encouraging indexable user-generated content on pages with low management overhead;
  • Training on content creation and optimisation and internal link building, or writing your copy for you;
  • Analysing seasonal search and buying intent to optimise pages and capture revenue at the top of the buying cycle;
  • Measuring 404s and identifying redirect issues;
  • Identifying shifts in Google's algorithm likely to affect your organic listings.

> SEO & Organic Analysis Report 

Book an analysis of your SEO and organic traffic (includes HTTPS scan). Requires access to Google Analytics & Search Console. Prices available on application. 

> Content Creation 

Book a content research and creation course or ask us to do this for you. Prices available on application. 

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Paid Search Consultancy & Services

Paid search often accounts for large portions of the marketing budget and has edged out organic listings over recent years, which also provides insurance against algorithm changes that affect natural organic listings. This means ads need special attention to ensure they are making justifiable returns by:

  • Analysing ROI / ROAS, CAC and LTV;
  • Measuring the impact of ads across all website revenue channels;
  • Advocating more use of AI in ad campaigns to deliver better results with less campaign management overheads;
  • Measuring and improving ad Quality Scores (QS);
  • Implementing the right blend of ad types to target the entire sales funnel in the right way at the right time;
  • Researching competitor ad share;
  • Making seasonal adjustments;
  • Targeting audiences on social media to increase brand awareness.

> Paid Search Report 

Book an analysis of your paid search. Requires access to Google Analytics & Ads. Prices available on application. 

> Agency Performance Evaluation 

Book an analysis of the performance of your digital marketing agency and KPIs. Requires access to Google Analytics & Ads. Prices available on application. 

> Paid Search Management 

Book an appointment to discuss your paid search objectives. Requires access to Google Analytics & Ads. Prices available on application. 

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