Merchandising & Promotions

At the heart of your ecommerce business is how you visually display & promote your products.

We work with you to:

  • Review and improve your existing marketing diary;
  • Review promotion advertising synchronicity across different channels;
  • Analyse your product pages' SEO and data structure;
  • Review the visual display of product and category pages plus thye full end-to-end checkout process on a range of device types and browsers, especially mobile devices; 
  • Identify ways to improve cross- and up-sell features on product pages;
  • Analyse the checkout process to identify buying inhibitors, effective abandonment followups and creating more cross- / up-sell opportunities;
  • Look at in-cart deal promotion opportunities;
  • Look at progressive web app technology and its relevancy to your ecommerce cycle;
  • Monitor competitor prices and price changes and their impact on your conversion;
  • Similarly for manufacturers, monitor your distributers and retailers for price position;
  • Identify and recommend services to cater for your B2B customers versus Retail buyers;
  • Consider the best ways to advertise your promotions via social media, ads and email campaigns;
  • Analyse Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day and Christmas trading periods to learn from experience and improve. 

> Merchandising & Promotions Report 

Book an analysis of your online merchandising and a separate analysis of your promotions and learning points. Requires access to Google Analytics . Prices available on application. 

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