Revenue & Profit Focus

Consultant-led project focusing on increasing revenues and profit levels:

  • Understand the current P&L position, revenue & profit targets
  • Engage with key stakeholders to understand issues & opportunities
  • Review digital marketing performance & introduce improved KPIs
  • Differentiate beyween customer types & models (B2B, B2C, D2C)
  • Create an agreed plan with a defined scope of activities
  • Assign owners to actions
  • Hold regular weekly/monthly review meetings to drive progress
  • Introduce automated product price comparison & improved promotion planning
  • Analyse and advise on product data quality improvements
  • Recommend customer acquisition & retention activities
  • Introduce customer loyalty programs
  • Setting up discovery loops to feed back into R&D and marketing and to measure brand loyalty
  • Setting up CES customer service feedback loops

> Revenue & Profit Focus Program 

Book a consultant to develop and manage an end-to-end continuous improvement program. Minimum 6 month engagement. Prices available on application.

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