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Experienced PHP Developers  

Wildfire Internet is an established UK company with proven experience in developing, deploying and maintaining robust and secure software used by thousands of companies in the UK, US and Asia. 

  • Our own dedicated UK developers, no offshoring

  • Perfect for small scale projects & supporting legacy code

  • Innovative thinkers adding value to your projects

  • Experienced in PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Docker, Javascript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, SCSS and more languages & frameworks

  • Efficient & optimised code with robust test and release processes

  • Use of AI to speed up development time & enhance security

  • Automated testing for website uptime, issue detection, automated core process testing (such as checkout), security & browser testing

  • Incorporate features into apps which use AI services

  • Exceptional levels of service and support

  • Infrastructure and technical services also available such as automating deployment to bare metal or cloud servers


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We build, deploy and maintain secure PHP applications used at scale

Our PHP experience originated from building our own REC+ ecommerce platform in 2009 which is still in use by hundreds of businesses operating across different industries and geographies. This software is fully hosted and has multi-layered security protection and regular application vulnerability scanning. This has given us a deep understanding of the full technology stack from the application layer down to the operating system, with Cloudflare's CDN providing bandwidth reduction and extra security and in addition using other anti-spam services and alerting systems. Other applications such as HTTPS Checker are capable of handling very large amounts of incoming requests and has been used to perform 200,000 mixed content scans run by 20,000+ users worldwide including BBC Studios, Shutterstock, Red Hat, Daily Telegraph, US Government Dept of Labour, Forbes and Universal Studios.


  • Fully Featured Ecommerce platform

  • Content Management System

  • Price comparison software

  • HTTPS Mixed Content Checker & CSP Reporting tool used over 150,000 times

  • Prospect management software

  • Email campaign manager

  • Google product feed

  • Google Merchant Centre issues tool

  • Google Ads monitoring tool 

  • Executive Report Builder

  • Integration with Tradebox for Sage 50 Cloud & Xero

  • Integration with Unleashed inventory management 

  • Multi-store product replication across different websites

  • Payment processor integrations

  • Shipping service integrations

  • GDPR compliance

  • Domain monitoring and management tool

Turning Your Ideas Into A Reality

Just like you, we have had ideas on paper and wanted to see them become live applications which fulfil our business and revenue expectations. Over the last 15 years that's exactly what we have done. By working with us you will tap into a pool of experienced talent that can help you through all the phases of your project, from concept and storyboarding, full specification, load and performance planning, UI design, coding, testing, security and deployment plus post-implementation support services and monitoring. We can be your trusted partner.

Maintaining & Supporting Legacy Applications

Once applications have been written, they need to be maintained and supported with bug fixes, adjustments for new browser capabilities and browser testing, security patches, software updates, unit testing, new features from time to time and browser testing. And of course design refreshes every so often. We are happy to take on your legacy applications and provide these ongoing services, or to work with your existing team during peak demand and holidays or other absences.  

Optimising Application & Database Performance For Growth

Applications and databases will grow over time, either due to regular usage filling up database tables, or when rapid growth occurs which can lead to performance pinch points or scaling problems. We have extensive experience of identifying bottlenecks and optimising applications for better performance.

Infrastructure Level Optimisation

Sometimes issues occur earlier in the customer journey and need to be analysed and resolved at the infrastructure level. For example, examining volume traffic requests, content delivery optimisation and bot detection and blocking. We are adept at working through the entire technology stack to ensure reliable performance and monitoring of your application or service.

Data Security & GDPR Compliance

Protecting against data theft and complying with GDPR are essential elements for any application or service, and we are highly conscious of this. We bake security and GDPR considerations into our work practices, from writing secure code through to vulnerability testing using external tools. If we are deploying applications to our hosted server infrastructure then we will also include other layers of security to protect against bad actors. We will also work with you to ensure that the application itself adheres to appropriate GDPR compliance. Additionally, we can advise on data backup solutions which are reliable and regularly tested. 

Code Storage & Release Management

We follow tried and trusted processes for managing code via Github and automated deployment for security patches, software updates and rolling out new features, database changes and, of course, documentation.

Using AI For Faster Coding, Higher Quality Levels & Better Security

We have adopted Github Co-pilot to improve code quality and security and speed up development. Our developers can create code more quickly using Co-pilot suggestions and use the built-in vulnerability prevention system so insecure coding patterns get blocked in real time.

Project Management

We can provide a full project management service if required, managing the entire project for you and reporting on milestone achievements right up to sign off and go live deployment.

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