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Re-platform With REC+ 

REC+ is a fully featured ecommerce platform that powers ecommerce websites for manufacturers, distributors and online retailers. 

  • Substantially grow your online revenues 

  • Increase efficiencies with automation

  • Integrate with Sage, Unleashed & Xero

  • Improve the end-to-end customer buying experience

  • Sell products across different sites with Multistore

  • Receive exceptional levels of support


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Looking To Change Your Ecommerce Website? Discover REC+

REC+ has been used by businesses since 2009 operating across different industries and geographies and has been used by hundreds of companies. It is a feature-rich ecommerce platform that is most comparable to the level of functionality and flexibility found in Magento although all functionality is built into the core system rather than having to rely on add-ons. The software is continuously improved with new features rolled out regularly plus maintenance and security updates. The software is fully hosted and has multi-layered security protection and regular application vulnerability scanning. 

Key Features

  • Sell products and reduce the order-to-cash cycle

  • Offer differentiated customer group pricing

  • Retain and grow customer spend with automated loyalty systems & VIP Clubs

  • Personalisation by user groups, geography, VIP levels

  • High levels of email campaign targeting & automated email tasks 

  • Monitor competitor and distribution prices to increase margin

  • Improve telesales with integrated CRM and telephone orders

  • Strengthen customer relationships through ease-of-use

  • Automate online processes to reduce administration

  • Integrate into backend systems to increase efficiency

  • Build custom executive and management reports

  • Automatic updates for ehancements, software patches & security updates

  • Fully managed high availability hosting and backups


Who Is REC+ Best Suited For?

REC+ is best suited for ecommerce businesses selling products online, in particular manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors with its ability to store an unlimited number of customer / trade groups, price lists and quantity price breaks with many automated processes built-in. Our ideal customer's turnover would be between £1m - £40m p.a. with the intention of boosting their brand and revenues plus integrating their backend systems with the website.  We work intensively with clients and as such only look to take on a limited number each year.

REC+ is also used by services companies and corporates due to it's flexible easy-to-use CMS system and SEO-friendliness.   

Background To Why We Developed REC+

We initially decided to develop our software to provide an easy-to-use, marketing-led platform that was very SEO-friendly and regularly kept updated with software enhancements, maintenance patches and security updates. This was during a period where most software being used was open source, quite buggy and had inadequate security provision and rigorous testing and support of 3rd-party add-ons. Since then systems like Magento grew in adoption until they were bought out by Adobe who re-wrote the system and launched Magento 2, a total re-platform leaving the Community Edition back in the hands of developers once again with the same potential issues that used to persist before including expensive upgrade costs. REC+ has always avoided those issues because it is continously improved and released as a fully hosted and tested proprietary system. 

Overview Of The REC+ Ecommerce Platform 

Sell Products & Integrate Systems

REC+ is a fully featured and mature platform trusted to deliver strong results backed up by excellent levels of service, whilst also being easy-to-use. The software  enables you to handle wholesaler, distribution and retail sales including Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) and to integrate into backend systems and popular accounts packages including Unleashed, Xero and Sage via Tradebox. You can also connect your Amazon and Ebay sales channels to Sage / Xero via Unleashed and Tradebox. 

Build Different Websites With A Shared Product Catalogue

Our multistore capability allows you to run multiple different websites which feed from the same product catalogue, saving you time and effort and keeping products and pricing up-to-date simultaneously. This can be used for creating a separate DTC website for retail sales, niche branding to customer segments and international selling through dedicated regional websites.

Empower & Free Up Your Sales Teams

For telesales and marketing teams there is the built-in Prospect Manager CRM and Form Builder system for capturing leads and progressing them through the sales funnel, plus our powerful Email Manager system to provide highly targeted email campaigns and tracking.  Automated email tasks can also handle regular email followups such as abandoned carts, repeat purchases and product reviews, as well as sending out price list updates to distributors to keep them fully up-to-date on pricing, new products and discontinued products.

Advertise Products On Google, Facebook & Instagram

Product feeds are available for advertising on Google, facebook and Instagram and our Price Compare tool allows you to track over-pricing and under-pricing to remain competitive where your prices are too high or to increase your prices and margin where they are too low. Additionally if you sell via distributors you can also track whether they are selling at the expected prices.

Pre-built Payment & Delivery Services

There are many popular payment processors built into the system including Paypal Express, Stripe / Apple Pay / GPay, Sage, Barclays ePDQ and (US). Deliveries can either be handled through the built-in delivery system or via one of the many integrations we have in place for delivery services and aggregators including UPS, ShippyPro, Postmen, Parcel Monkey as well as postcode lookup services from and

Customer Self-service Automation

Customer self-service is made simple with Quickshop allowing rapid product code entry and CSV uploads and repeat ordering via the user admin area. Customers can also set prices to display with our without tax and use the Returns system for sending back products that can then be tracked via the warehouse as ell as managing their opt-in marketing subscriptions via email, SMS and direct mail in line with GDPR.

Powerful Management Reports

Custom management reports can be created via the Report Builder system for current and comparative date ranges so you can analyse performance changes easily, for example: month-on-month, like-for-like, quarterly and annual periods. This provides essential metrics to help you understand and manage your ecommerce enterprise. 

Seriously Good Implementation & Support Services

We handle the full planning cycle from ecommerce strategy to first understand your business goals, merchandising and promotion planning to understand your pricing structures and types of promotions and product bundling you require, through to design and content production including custom page apps, integration and process flow mapping, implementation and post-live support. 

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