The world of technology is changing fast with the introduction of new versions of AI.

The choice for businesses is simple: adopt and use the latest advancements or be left behind. But when it comes to your ecommerce software we have made that choice easy by incorporating AI directly into the system that can be used in a practical way.

Highlighted Features

This is a selection of features that are already available or in the development roadmap.


Save time creating product descriptions with strong features and benefits.

Be inspired to write more content, build engagement and increase your sales funnel.

Improve subject lines to gain higher open rates for your email campaigns and increase sales.

Easily understand questions in other languages and reply back in the same language to assist the customer.

Summarise customer sentiment from checkout surveys and Google reviews and show in your monthly Executive Performance reports.

Set sales targets for individual customers and assign to account managers.

Improve product lifecycle management and forecast production levels.

Dynamically re-price products to maximise revenues, profits and clear overstocked items. 

This is a future feature on the Development roadmap.