BlogBrexit Readiness - What REC+ Users Need To Do

Brexit Readiness - What REC+ Users Need To Do

Brexit Readiness - What REC+ Users Need To Do

At the end of the year our trading arrangements will be different with the EU. 

Read what you need to do in full on our freshdesk article: Brexit Affect On Your REC+ Site & What To Do

We have added new features recently which will be useful:

  1. Site Update Banner
    Display a banner message on every page with important news and, optionally, a link to a Brexit readiness page you can set up. Access in Admin > Site Update Banner

  2. Commercial Invoices
    Help your orders clear customs without delay by adding 'country of origin' and 'commodity codes' to your order shipment document. Read more in the Brexit article under "Commercial Invoices For International Sales".

  3. Product Price Updates
    There is a new improved product price export / import program that shows products and their options underneath each other plus group prices in columns to make it quicker to change prices or add new group prices. Go to Export > Product Prices (New / column mode) and to Import > Product Prices (New / Column) in step 2.

    Note: Not for autoparts sites. Does not support quantity break price changes.

  4. Delivery Tax Zones
    You will need to remove EU countries from your 'tax zone'. To save time you can export the data in advance and make changes, then import it on 1st January 2021. Read about this in the Brexit article under 'VAT Regions'. 

    This is an existing feature.
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