BlogCollect Paypal Payments Using Forms

Collect Paypal Payments Using Forms

Collect Paypal Payments Using Forms

Taking Paypal Payments Via Forms

You can now collect payments made via Paypal through forms created in Form Builder, with the introduction of the new "Price Table" field input. This allows you to build up a pricing matrix which is displayed on the form.

Respondents can then choose which item to buy when they fill in the form. Successful payment via Paypal then saves the form data. To integrate with Paypal simply requires you to enter your Paypal email address in Payment Processors in Connect. 

Example Uses

Membership payments for adults & children with 1, 2 and 3 year options plus optional donations.

One-off payments for ad hoc services.

Additional features in this update include:

Being able to add fields which only display when another field has been completed first;

Embedding forms on pages using "Use template tags in page content" (aimed at giving designers more flexibility when styling forms and API data on pages). 

Updated Freshdesk Notes 

The section on Freshdesk for Forms & Processes has been significantly expanded and updated.

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