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Email Is Changing

Email Is Changing

Send Awesome Email

We want to let you know we have been working on a new version of Email Manager which will be released following successful beta testing, allowing greater design control and industrial-strength email delivery so you can send truly awesome emails to your customers and prospects.

Don't worry, existing email templates still work too., but we are cooking up a selection of templates to get things started, which have been fully tested across all the major email clients and device sizes. Simply personalise them the way you want and you’ll be ready to go!

Alternatively, have one of our design team do it for you by contacting Areca Design on 01386 570 360 for a quote.

Sending High Volume Campaigns? 

Sending email campaigns to many thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers is getting easier too. We have integrated into industry-strength services to deliver bulk email campaigns cheaper than other well-known providers (including the one with the monkey). But it's easier because all your data is already stored in your site ready for sending - and it's cheaper! 

Call your sales account manager for prices.


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