BlogEmail Tracking Improvements

Email Tracking Improvements

Email Tracking Improvements

Email tracking has been improved within REC so that when you View Sent Emails and select a campaign, it provides the following analytical information:

  • User Stats: Displays opened and/or clicked on your email, now with the ability to sort by Member Levels 
  • Preview: NEW Link Map Displays which links have been clicked; also useful to optimise future campaigns

Also Available When You Upgrade To REC+

  • Overview: Campaign overview and graph of activity
  • Ecommerce: Displays order values, products purchased, list of orders and coupons redeemed, plus profit (which excludes delivery charges). NB Profit is worked out correctly where you have already entered your cost data on your product record, otherwise it will just be revenue less delivery charge. 
  • Form Responses: NEW Displays which forms have been completed as a result of a click-through from your campaign


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