BlogHTTPS Checker V2 Released (Time To Migrate To HTTPS)

HTTPS Checker V2 Released (Time To Migrate To HTTPS)

HTTPS Checker V2 Released (Time To Migrate To HTTPS)

Version 2 of HTTPS Checker & Reporter has now been released with a range of new features, some particularly useful for larger site crawls, and both apps have now been officially taken out of BETA.

HTTPS Checker desktop app features include:

  • Pause The Scan. A new pause button allows you to pause and restart your scan. Useful if you are about to lose your internet connection, need to leave the office etc
  • PDF Summary Is Now Just A Summary. The PDF Summary no longer shows issues in it, as these are in the on-screen report and CSV downloads. 
  • On-screen Report Pagination. Pagination has been introduced so that 10,000 issues can be viewed on a page on screen, before advancing to the next 10,000 issues on page 2 and so on. This helps larger sites where the high number of issues was causing the report not to work due to memory constraints. 
  • CSV Download File Splits After 50,000 lines. CSV files are now created per 50,000 lines of errors found and grouped into a zip file. Again, this overcomes memory issue contraints for larger sites. 
  • View Crawl Logs. There is now a button to take you directly to the crawl logs stored locally on your machine. The 2 log files report errors found during the crawl and also all URL's scanned.
  • Two NEW Advanced Settings Sections. Two new informational sections have been introduced to give guidance on Import (upload lists of URL's to crawl) and CSP  (using Content Security Policies with HTTPS Reporter to catch violations in rel-time). 
  • HTTPS Reporter Manual Validation.  It is now possible to manually validate sites that are behind firewalls or have restricted access, such as dev or UAT sites. 

Installing the features: the new feautures are automatically installed when you run or restart the HTTPS Checker app.

NEW HTTPS Reporter features include:

  • URI Issues Limit Ignores Duplicate Triggers Of The Same CSP Violation. The system used to count each occurrence of a CSP violation in the 100 or 1,000 limit (based on your plan) for example, 1,000 user visits to a page with 1 error gave 1,000 issues and therefore reached the limit. This has been substantially improved so that duplicates do not count in the limit and instead show as a count on each line of a unique CSP issue. 
  • NEW Notification Email Address. Set an email address to receive notifications (different to the email address used for registering the product). Hint: If you have a team of developers, then enter an email address which has a redirect to the entire of the team. Set this up via the admin dropdow > Licences / Subscriptions and scroll down to the field "Send Email Notifications to:"

Installing the features: the new feautures are automatically available when you login to the HTTPS Reporter app.

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