BlogIMPORTANT: Paypal Encrypted Payments

IMPORTANT: Paypal Encrypted Payments

IMPORTANT: Paypal Encrypted Payments

BULLETIN To: All Ecommerce Sites Using The Paypal Encrypted Payment Method


We are advising all ecommerce sites using the "Paypal Encrypted" payment processor on their sites to move to Paypal Express.


Reason #1

Paypal Express gives a smoother checkout process because we can retrieve address information from Paypal without users having to key it in during registration. This typically helps to improve conversion rates. 


Reason #2

Paypal Encrypted works using certificates which expire after 3 years and need to be created afresh. This often catches out site owners who forget to re-generate certificates meaning Paypal payments cannot be taken on their website after the 3 year period ends, until new ones are created.


How To Check If You Are Running The Paypal Encrypted Service

You can check you are running Paypal Encrypted in Admin > Payment Processor Manager > Paypal Encrypted status = ON.


How To Implement Paypal Express (Recommended)

Follow these instructions to install Paypal Express on your site.


How To Renew Your Paypal Encrypted Certificates (Not Recommended)

Follow these instructions to set up your Paypal Encrypted certificates.



Do I Have To Change To Paypal Express?

It is not mandatory, but we strongly advise you change. If you decide to stay on Paypal Encrypted, you will need to check this payment method continues to work for you.

Can I Check When My Existing Certificate Expires?

Unfortunately there does not appear to be an easy way to check with Paypal when it expires. 

Can I Just Get Support To Change My Site Over To Paypal Express?

Sorry, no. You are required to login to Paypal as part of the switch over, because you are the authorised user and it is effectively a bank account. We do not access client's bank accounts to make changes. However, the switch over instructions are very detailed to help make it as easy as possible.  

If you find any issues with the instructions then please report this via our ticketing system.

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