BlogIMPORTANT: Protect Your Shopping Ads Now!

IMPORTANT: Protect Your Shopping Ads Now!

IMPORTANT: Protect Your Shopping Ads Now!


Google has started to enforce the use of HTTPS on ecommerce checkout processes by blocking sites from using their Product Listing Ads service. We are therefore recommending implementation of HTTPS for the checkout pages on all our ecommerce websites to avoid disruption to your campaigns.


PLA suspension HTTPS security


What is HTTPS?

HTTPS provides end-to-end encryption of traffic passing between the web surfer's computer and website servers. Sites using HTTPS have URL's beginning "https://www.domain...." and Google is driving adoption of this technology across the web.


Do I Really Need To Do This?

Yes, we strongly advise you implement this. Whilst only PLA advertisers may be affected today, it is highly probable Google will introduce further changes to push web surfers to the most secure sites via search engines and other methods in future. We have already seen this with rankings being partially based on the use of HTTPS and recently on Google Chrome with the introduction of an "Information" message advising the web surfer if the connection to a site is not private (i.e. does not use HTTPS).


What Is The Solution?

We are recommending using Cloudflare's global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to implement HTTPS on your checkout pages. In addition to providing the SSL certificate which enables HTTPS on your site, it has other significant benefits:


Faster Delivery - Global CDN means sites load faster espeically in distant locations like the US, Australia, Asia.

Threat Protection - use the power of a huge community to identify and mitigate threats from hackers 

Block IP Addresses - Control who can get to your website by their IP Address or country of origin

This will also prepare you for the move to full HTTPS across your entire site in the future. More to follow on that later this month.


What Do I Do Next?

Implement Cloudflare for your site, set up your DNS records and SSL certificate and enable SSL for checkout in your REC site settings. There are two ways to do this:


DIY - handle everything yourself without our help and pay Cloudflare's monthly charges directly,


Fully Managed Service - we will implement everything and manage how Cloudflare works with our software and infrastructure for a monthly charge of £25+VAT which includes the Cloudflare service at no extra cost.

Note: This means you do not have to purchase a separate SSL certificate therefore avoiding annual SSL costs and implementation / renewal fees.


Ordering The Managed Service

Please contact Michael Rose via email on [email protected] or call us on 0845 643 1290 to organise your implementation. This will be a popular service and orders will be completed on a first-come first-served basis as quickly as possible.

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