BlogImportant Changes To REC Admin & REC+ Launch

Important Changes To REC Admin & REC+ Launch

Important Changes To REC Admin & REC+ Launch

We are pleased to release two major new changes to the REC platform:  the rollout of the new Admin Console design to all REC users worldwide and the introduction of REC+.


This will come into effect on Wednesday 19th October 2016.



New Admin Console Re-design Now Live


Last week we previewed the admin console re-design which follows Google Material Design guidelines and this is now being rolled out to all REC sites worldwide. We will be closely monitoring feedback to the new graphical user interface and using this to shape future improvements so please let us have your views! Click here to see the previous post on the Admin Re-design.


REC+ Is Now Available


We are pleased to introduce REC+, our latest software product offering many advanced features typically only found in specialist software or enterprise versions of competitor products. REC+ has everything that's available in REC and works in the same tried-and-tested way with which you are familiar, making it a seamless transition.


And it's free to upgrade! We are making many of the new features totally free to REC users as a thank you for being loyal users of our software. So your charges will stay the same unless you opt to use the paid features. Follow our instructions to implement the new features on your site or let our team do it for you (charges apply).


To upgrade... Simply click the "Upgrade To REC+" link in the new Admin Console to automatically move to the new version at no extra charge. Please note that we will continue to support and maintain REC sites who do not wish to upgrade at this time.


REC+ Features


Generate Real Time Leads    Early Bird Enrolment

Generate leads from email campaigns and receive instant notifications when the prospect opens them, meaning you know when they are most interested to buy. 

Cost: FREE Software Upgrade, 4 user licences included. Optional implementation and design services available, contact sales to register your interest.



Improve Email Campaigns   Early Bird Enrolment

Send high volume email campaigns at set times with better deliverability through stronger email settings.

Cost: Implementation and volume-based charges apply. First 10,000 emails per month are free, thereafter 0.5p per email. Price Match Guarantee: we will always beat Mailchimp's prices for their paid plans. Contact sales to register your interest.



Track Client & Prospect Conversations

Track interactions with clients and prospects via our EasyNotes system so everyone knows the latest conversations taking place. Click here to read our previous EasyNote post.

Cost: FREE Software Upgrade, click here for implementation instructions.



Offer Gift Vouchers 

Sell and redeem gift vouchers.

Cost: FREE Software Upgrade. Click here for full instructions. Optional implementation and design services available, contact sales. 



Sell Downloadable Goods

Sell intangible goods delivered electronically, such as ebooks. 

Cost: FREE Software Upgrade. Click here for full instructions. Volume usage charges may apply. Optional implementation and design services available, contact sales.



Followup Purchases

Send automated emails to buyers which are specific to the products they have purchased. Uses include cross-selling related products, sending information on warranty / technical / care & handling / support information / pre-ordered items.

Cost: FREE Software Upgrade. Click here for full instructions. Optional implementation and design services available, contact sales.



Move Your Site To HTTPS Everywhere

Switch to the HTTPS "green padlock" to keep in line with the drive by the web industry to encrypted data transmission between users' computers and your website. Google in particular is promoting this and rewarding sites with better rankings as well as avoiding Chrome messages advising the connection is not private. Cover your whole site (recommended) or just your checkout process (ecommerce sites). 

Cost: £25 per month. Includes SSL certificate plus apps for HTTPS mixed content checking and fault reporting. Requires migration to Cloudflare Content Delivery Network and DNS changes. Implementation does not include resolving mixed content, contact sales for more information.



Please Note: You will need to accept the new REC+ Terms & Conditions when you upgrade. These are substantially the same as the current REC terms but have been updated to include our established methods of operation and presented in a better format. Terms are not varied on an individual basis Click here to see both versions.

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