BlogNEW FEATURES: Manually Add / Edit Orders

NEW FEATURES: Manually Add / Edit Orders

NEW FEATURES: Manually Add / Edit Orders

Edit Existing Order Lines, Add New Lines & Create Manual Orders

Available: 6th April 2016

You can now add or edit order lines on existing orders, or create an entirely new manual order for a new or existing customer from within Admin.


Example Uses:

  • A special price is agreed with a customer for one of their order lines and you need to override the normal price as a one-off
  • A customer has forgotten to add a product or option to their order and you add it for them
  • An existing client places a telephone order which you then add to the system against their customer record
  • A new client places a telephone order so you set them up as an account and then add the order details


To edit / add lines to existing orders, go into Order Manager, select an existing order and then click the "edit" pencil buttons on existing lines or click "Add Item / Line" to enter a new line. You will then access a new screen where you can input product / option / delivery / coupon line information. 


To add a totally new order click the new button in Order Manager called "Add Order Manually".


If this is a new client, click the link under the title : "Is this a new user? Add them here first" which will open a new window for you to add a new client, including their billing address. Once added, go back to the original window and select the new user using their id or "Search by name or email" field and then add the order lines for products, options, coupons aand delivery plus other associated details. You can send confirmation emails by clicking the "(Re-) Send Confirmation Emails button.


Tips: If you haven't already taken a payment, set the order to Payment Required and ask the user to login to their account (with the password you set for them), select the order and complete payment as normal. The Payment Type is automatically set to Manual / Telephone plus the Traffic Medium is set to Manual and Traffic Source to Admin so you can easily identify these types of orders.

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