BlogNew UPS Integration Feature

New UPS Integration Feature

New UPS Integration Feature

Check Out The New Features We Added

We're keeping busy with some great new features for the system, plus some minor patches and maintenance work to keep everything up to date for you.

3.1 UPS Integration - major new feature

We have now integrated with UPS shipping to pull back their calculated delivery costs and use these in the delivery charges we display throughout the checkout process.

View implementation notes and charges here (this will take 1-2 hours to set up hence charges apply)

Minor enhancements, patches and maintenance:

3.1.1 Sagepay V3 Protocol Update - maintenance update, no functionality changes.

3.1.2 Delivery and Sagepay - minor fixes applied.

3.1.3 Delivery Weights - can now be added with decimal places rather than whole numbers.

3.1.4 UPS - added support for negotiated rates

3.1.5 Google Products Feed - now recognises free delivery set on individual product and sets delivery to zero in the feed


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