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REC+ Preview | EasyNote

REC+ Preview | EasyNote

This feature is available for you to preview ahead of the introduction of a major new version of the software called REC+ which is scheduled for release on 1st August 2016.

Preview available: 23rd June 2016.

EasyNote is a simple, collaborative way to record comments and activities on your dashboard, on individual pages and users and custom sections.

The real value comes from using this feature to create simple, yet powerful uses:

  • Build a simple CRM  
  • Track project progress with tick-able To Do lists 
  • Record and view major sales & marketing actions on your Dashboard 
  • Record internal Chat between admins and email mentions
  • Record and view content changes on pages
  • View a master audit trail of all noted activities happening on a site  

Read full information by clicking here to visit Freshdesk


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