BlogUPS, Free Delivery & Gift Voucher Improvements

UPS, Free Delivery & Gift Voucher Improvements

UPS, Free Delivery & Gift Voucher Improvements

UPS Delivery Adaptor Selection For Zones

You can now specify whether a delivery adaptor (i.e. a delivery service provider like UPS) is to be used for calculating the delivery charges for a specified delivery zone. An example would be if you want to use a standard delivery charge just for users living within the US 48 states, which would be calculated using the standard REC delivery system, with all customers outside the US48 getting a calculated delivery charge from UPS. 

NB UPS is the only delivery adaptor currently available but this could be extended in the future. 

To set this up:

1. Go into Delivery Zone Manager.

2. Set up or edit any delivery zones which use UPS calculated delivery charges by setting the Delivery Adaptor field to UPS

3. For all other delivery zones, ensure the setting is Default to use the REC standard delivery service. NB It can only be set to Site Settings Default if the setting for Delivery Adaptor in Site Setting > Delivery > General is also set to Default.

4. Save the change and test it works

Make Free Delivery On Individual Products Available Only To Specific Zones

On the product record, you can now select a zone to which free delivery applies. This works in conjunction with the existing free delivery settings in Site Settings where you set free delivery values. For example, you might want free delivery on individual products under $20 for buyers in the US48 delivery zone only, in which case you'd go into each product under $20 and set free delivery with US48 selected as the zone.

It is suggested you change just one product and test it first before proceeding onto all the other products.

Restricting Payment Processors For Gift Vouchers / Digital Products (REC+ only)

Gift Vouchers have been improved so you can now specify which payment processor methods are available for digital products such as Gift Vouchers. This closes off a loophole where someone could add a gift voucher to their basket and then use a Cash On Delivery payment processor to by-pass payment but still receive and redeem the Gift Voucher. 

To set this up:

1. Go Into Payment Processor Manager

2. For any payment processors which do not take an actual payment (e.g. Cash on delivery), untick the field  Applies to digital products?

3. Save the change and test it works. 


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