BlogUnleashed Software Integration Goes Live

Unleashed Software Integration Goes Live

Unleashed Software Integration Goes Live

REC+ now integrates with Unleashed's inventory management software designed to help manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to manage their stock and manufacturing processes with integration into Xero accounts or Quickbooks, plus Amazon. The integration allows products to be populated into Unleashed from our REC+ website software, which also offers advertising product feeds into Google, facebook and Instagram. It also enables the creation of new customers and orders and stock control, plus matching product categories, manufacturers and user group price lists to those set up in Unleashed.

This extensive piece of integration helps businesses eliminate duplicate data entry, maintain the correct levels of stock on the website as well as improving manufacturing and inventory controls, processes and reporting within Unleashed.

Additionally, REC+ assists sales and pricing teams to automatically provide up to date price information for different customer groups such as dealers/distributors, trade and preferential customers, as well as automating and improving returns processes. This is in addition to a suite of marketing tools to promote products to new and esxiting customers. 

Unleashed integration has successfully been implemented with a UK manufacturer and is running smoothly. 

For more information on using Unleashed with REC+ please call us on 0330 311 2810 to discuss your business requirements.

REC+ also integrates with Sage via Tradebox One.

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