BlogIntroducing New Premium Ecommerce Features

Introducing New Premium Ecommerce Features

Introducing New Premium Ecommerce Features

The additional Premium Ecommerce subscription allows subscribers to use a premium set of ecommerce features only made available under that subscription, as well as receiving heavily discounted pricing on other apps / features in REC+

These include:

  • In-Cart Deals - offer discounts in the cart to entice visitors to buy more
  • Expert Answers - answer visitors questions on product pages and display these to help other buyers and improve your SEO.
  • Quick Orders (in dev schedule) - quick way to add large numbers of products to your basket - great for trade customers 
  • Prospect Manager - never lose track of a sale by adding them to the in-built CRM system
  • Price Compare - compare your product prices with competitors to understand your price point in the market

Read more on our app store.

Premium Ecommerce Subscription | App Store | REC+

Premium Ecommerce Subscription. App Store - REC+ website builder powers successful, mobile-friendly business websites and ecommerce stores.

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